Middle School State Championships

Hey, guys,

I'm all checked in Eugene I want to give a shout out to our middle school Striders for a great state meet. We have to start with Josie, our 1600 state champ. Ran her race just as she needed. Hats off. Next, Ryan came up with 2 seconds in 2 distance races on a hot day, 2p.r.'s. Hats off. We had gutty 3200's from both Ally Manely and Quint- p.r.'s on a hot day. Hats off. Anna came up with 2 3rds, a p.r. 800-hats off again. Taylor held her seed in 3200 to score 5th- hats off yet again. Other Striders had tougher days but we all came to race, that's what it's all about being a Strider.

Go Big Black and Gold!